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We believe tomorrow’s cannabis products will revolutionize the way our consumers integrate cannabis into their lives. PLNT Labs is creating breakthrough innovation to the cannabis market through untapped opportunities, backed by the latest technologies.

Strategic Partnerships

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Coastal Sun Cannabis

Coastal Sun Cannabis is driven by a vision of sustainability and food sovereignty. Their cultivation style is based on the seven guiding principles of ecological farming. They combine proven agronomic science with innovative growing technologies to ensure healthy farming and healthy plants.

PLNT Labs works with Coastal Sun Cannabis by taking a big chunk of their biomass output. 

LEAF California

LEAF is  paving the path to sustainable solutions to benefit both the environment and the consumer as much as possible. Their crafted products are CA Prop 215 and SB 420 compliant. To ensure their passion for delivering a pure product held to the highest standards, each harvest is rigorously tested for potency, terpenes, and pesticides by trusted SC Labs, and comes with the certificate of measurements. 

PLNT Labs works with LEAF California by taking a big chunk of their biomass output. 

Mendocino Generations

Mendocino Generations is an alliance of legal, permitted farms in Mendocino County working together to grow, breed and create organic and biodynamic herbal medicines.

PLNT Labs works with Mendocino Generations by taking a big chunk of their biomass output. 

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