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Our Story

PLNT Labs was founded in 2016 in San Francisco, California with a vision to produce high-quality cannabis products in the most sustainable way. Today, we are a premier vertically integrated cannabis company with manufacturing, cultivation, and delivery operations.


Our mission has been and will always be to support local farmers and the most reputable brands in California. We offer a full-service model to convert the highest quality biomass into some of the top crude oil and distillate on the market. Our years of experience, deep relationships with operators throughout the state and our sustainable business model create the foundation for PLNT Lab’s long-term success to fulfill our vision to be the best performing cannabis company around the world. 


We believe tomorrow’s cannabis products will revolutionize the way our consumers integrate cannabis into their lives. PLNT Labs is bringing innovation to the cannabis market through a focus on untapped opportunities and tailored products, backed by the latest technologies.


Together we are building a community of like-minded operators on all sides of the supply chain to sustain the industry we have a passion for, with our organically sourced and regeneratively produced crude and distillate for our customers, all while creating stronger and healthier communities where we do business. In a constantly evolving industry, our mission consistently informs and inspires the way we work with our employees, consumers and one another.

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